Sunday, December 9, 2007

Do you ever ask yourself?

Do you ever ask yourself why homeless people don't all move closer to the equator? If I were homeless - and that could certainly happen someday - I would like to think that I would head west or south or both. My 17 year old son, Johnny, is doing a service project tonight. The crazy child and 59 of his peers and classmates are sleeping outside in boxes. Did I mention that it is about 15 degrees outside? They all first made sandwiches to take downtown Chicago and hand out to those who were homeless and living on the street and engage them in conversation about their lives. The idea is to find out what it is like to walk in someone else's moccasins. We - my husband, children and I - live in an unreal world. Our world is filled with warmth, shelter, food, family, friends, education, medical care, cars, tv's, computers, blankets, pillows, hobbies and a myriad of other things that I often take for granted. The average home price in the area in which I live is way up there. We're thinking of selling our house and we're gonna ask 1.5 million dollars for it.
Okay, I digress a bit from my original question to myself. If I were homeless, I'd move to a warmer climate - even if I had to walk there. I'd just keep walking until I got to where it was warm, wouldn't you? What makes the homeless stay in areas that are so dang cold?
I'm proud of Johnny for doing what he's doing. In a million years, I wouldn't venture out in this weather to sleep outside.......... unless I was homeless, I guess, and I had no choice. I guess, in that case, I would venture out into the cold to sleep in a box, but I'd sure try to get wester.


Cricket said...

Welcome to the world of bloggin' Diane!!

Such huge kudos to your son for taking the time to live in someone else's shoes. I have to agree, I have been so blessed in my life that I sometimes forget that others don't have what I have. Thanks for reminding me of what it is I should be thanking God for.

and, yep, if I were homeless I think I'd be trekking to the warmer states too!


staceyfike said...

welcome to blogland :)

*kim* said...

great first post. Hope your son and his friends will appreciate what they have, especially at Christmastime.

Hope yours is blessed.


Sharmaine said...

welcome from me to you too :)
How cool are your son and his friends!!! I participated in a fund raiser, almost 15 years ago, where we stayed outside overnight. We slept in a grandstand and had sleeping bags and it wasn't nice at all!!!